Black and white look is forever


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Black and white look is forever

Tired of all the colours that have marked the fashion season so far like bright yellow, hot neon and fiery tangerine? Go in for the black and white look instead, which is the most hot and happening trend this year..

Fashion experts now believe that pairing black and white is a very well put together look that always looks classy and chic, no matter where you decide to wear it and how to choose to interpret it.

When you wear black and white, it is important to work with your body shape. A pair of white pants, for instance, can add girth while black is very slimming. The key is to wear black wherever you need to look slim. If you are heavier on the lower half of the body, wear the darker colour in this zone and the whites elsewhere or vice versa. Also, since there are no colours to help out, it is important that a black and white ensemble is tailored well and draped right. Otherwise your outfit can seem very dull and uninspired.

Try out the look in accessories like a handbag or team with a well cut black or white blazer. It can be tried out in many different fabrics right from sheers to leather. Footwear can be black with white designs on them or wear a white dress and wear a slim black belt with it. Or else try out a black dress with white motifts on it.

There are many ways to express the look but you need to choose the one that suits you best. It is important to begin small, either by adding contrasting accessories or a smart jacket and working your way into wearing more blacks and whites till you get the look right.

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