Body Makeup: Look Like A Glam Doll


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Body Makeup: Look Like A Glam Doll

The most commonly visible body parts are arms, legs, neck region, back, etc. If you planning to wear a saree then even your tummy needs to look nice and clean.

The basics of body makeup is make the entire body tone even. Those waxing rashes, cuts, scars, moles and spots need to be hidden and made to glow naturally.

Body Makeup Tips
1. One of the best ways to de-tan your body is through waxing. The hot wax not only removes hair but also chips off the dry skin making it look clean and soft. If you still find some dry skin on body, use a natural scrub to get rid of dirt and scales.

2. After a good wash, a body lotion will help preserve moisture. If your body has uneven skin tone, then choose a foundation that matches the darkest skin tone on your body and apply it all over. Before that you can use a good concealer to hide the moles, spots and marks on the body.

3. Remember that a bronze body looks more photogenic and shiny than a lighter one so you need not regret for using a darker colour foundation. There are also tanners available in the market to make you get a 'Beyonce' body.

4. Shimmering lightly on wrist, neck region, around navel will highlight your body. Generally dark nail colours make the skin more glossy and brighter. Of course, colouring nails with lighter shades is not at all bad.

5. Simple jewellery like a solitaire, bracelet and delicate pendant will not draw all the attention but definitely add to the beauty of the body makeup.

6. Getting a body art is also great way to show-off your body make-up. The art can also be shimmered and made to look trendy. While selecting clothes, choose colours that suit the skin tone such as black or purples as these colours will look good irrespective of complexion.

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