Bonding with the baby in Pregnancy

Nov 24, 2011
Bonding with the baby in Pregnancy

1. Your baby is connected to you by your heart beat, by your breathing. As you breathe the baby gets oxygen, your heart pumps blood to the baby. You and the baby are one. So whatever you experience and whoever you meet, the baby perceives your reaction pleasant, unpleasant, love, hurt, kindness, stress, anxiety through you.

2. If your heart beats faster and you feel palpitations and breathing is disturbed because you are unhappy, the baby feels that emotion. But if you are happy smiling and positive the baby feels those changes through your breathing patterns and the changes in your pulse, blood pressure etc.

3. So keep talking to your baby, laugh a lot. Name your baby(doesn’t matter if you don’t know the gender keep a sweet name, let everyone call the baby by that name), sing one particular tune ,a song or rhyme to the baby you will be surprised how your baby will recognise the same song after birth, will be handy to hush your baby while it cries later.

4. By touching your abdomen and your loved ones, the father to be touching your abdomen, you transmit your own energies in to your body and all the love positivity reaches the baby as energy and vibes

5. Traditionally in South India the bangle ceremony is always scheduled after the 28th week, the clanging bangles continuously reach the babies ears and then only the baby is capable of hearing completely.

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