Boost your sex drive with these new habits


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Boost your sex drive with these new habits

You must have heard about the special perfumes, candlelight dinners, sexy lingerie, hormone-boosting medicines or special sex toys that help boost your sex drive.

But what if we told you that boosting your sex drive is a lot simpler and easier on the wallet than all these so called sex drive boosters? Today, we're telling you about how to go back to the basics and develop new lifestyle habits that help elevate your desire and desirability for sex. Let's get started!

Exercise for that spicy sex life:

Exercise is known for many health benefits and one of them is definitely sex. It helps rev up your blood circulation by keeping your cardiovascular system hearty and happy. Health experts all over the world believe that a boost in the level of endorphins in the body helps love-making; not to mention, being toned would obviously make you and your partner feel sexier leading to a more pleasurable experience.

Healthy diet for a better sex life:

In (very) simplified layman's terms - if your arteries are jammed with saturated fat, then it becomes extremely difficult for the blood to travel to the genital area. And, you might have noticed doctors speaking extensively on how heart diseases are directly linked with erectile dysfunction. Too much weight can make the estrogens and testosterone level in your body go haywire, which as a result can have a serious negative impact on your sex life. Here's a detailed low-down of foods that help in boosting your libido.

Say NO to smoking:

Nicotine in cigarettes is known to be the biggest reason for damaging veins and arteries. Smoking, as a result, lead to the damaging of blood vessels - yes, even in the private parts of the body. Medically speaking, acute vasospasm, contraction of the penile tissue, and restricted blood flow to the penis are all dreadful effects of smoking. Infact, cigarette smoking can also lead to male fertility, by reducing the quality of semen.

Check your alcohol and caffeine consumption:

Similar to nicotine, caffeine is considered a vasoconstrictor as well, that can trigger erectile dysfunction by restricting blood vessels. While getting drunk might get you into the groove, in some cases it can also act as a depressant. Ideally, one should limit the intake of alcohol to just a glass a day for women and two for men.

Never multitask while having sex:

In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, somewhere or the other we are all bogged down by our responsibilities, be they personal or professional. At times, you might find yourself completely tired, left with no energy to show any interest on the lovemaking front. But, don't let this take a toll on your sexual life. The trick lies in sharing the duties and responsibilities with your partner and feeling relieved at night, when you are all set for some action. Switch off all your gadgets and gizmos as they can be quite distracting. Let your bedroom be a gadget-free zone. This will help channelise your energy into the one task in your daily life that doesn't need a battery or power chord.
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