Break the silence after a fight


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Break the silence after a fight

Feel tongue-tied to make the first move to make up after a fight?

Here's what may help
Once flaring tempers calm down, are you and your partner often engulfed in silence, simply waiting for the other one to break it? Well, many couples feel tongue-tied to break the ice; in the silence their heads are spinning with guilt, and if only egos could be easy to set aside, they can't wait to hug and make up.

Here are some tips that can help you take the first step, that makes one the real winner in the fight.

Start with writing
If talking to your partner after an argument doesn't come to you no matter how much to push yourself, then start by penning down your feelings. Pick up colourful post-its, and write 'sorry', 'I love you', and whatever else you wish, and watch him melt. This is your first lesson to make the first move.

Entice with aroma
If cooking is your thing, then head to the kitchen. Cook up his/her favourite meal. Even if you aren't an expert, the fact you took the effort to make something for him/her after a tiff will land you a hug and kiss instantly, and maybe a lot more.

Talk yourself into it
You need to give yourself a shrink talk. Wanting to be right in an argument is the easiest way to keep the fight going. So, when you know you want him/her, why hold yourself back. Maybe counting all the good things about him/her will ignite your motor to speak out the words you mean. Start with one heartfelt, meaningful sentence, and you'll realise there's no need for anymore words at all.

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