Breast milk Pumping Tips


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Dec 2, 2011
Breast milk pumping tips

New borns need mother’s milk. Till 6 months it is compulsory to give . It will be healthier for the child if you feed until his/her first year. It is well and good, if you feed until 1 ½ to 2 years.

Working mothers may have their maternity leave until 6 months of delivery. But later, they may find it difficult to feed the baby.

For this, they can pump their Breast milk and store it. This stored milk can be given to the baby, by the care taker.

Let’s see few tips, on pumping the breast milk.

· Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water just 15 minutes before pumping. This will help in the flow of pumping the milk little faster.

· First relax yourself. You can sit in a calm place and hear some melodious music before starting to pump the milk.

· You can sit comfortably, leaning forward.

· Now, massage your breast with a warm towel.

· Keep the sterile container, nearer to you.

· Hold the outer part of the breast with one hand.

· Now, with the help of your thumb and other finger, make it as a cup near the place of the nipple .

· Now start pressing with this cup shaped fingers.

· You should not touch the nipples.

· You can also use your palm to press the breast.

· Now, the milk will start pouring , and collect this in the sterile container.

· If you are living in a cold or warmer place, you can store the milk at room temperature itself.

· If you are living in a hotter place, this milk can be stored in the refrigerator and can be given to the child whenever necessary.

This type of manual pumping will be possible, if you can attend the child, say once in 4 hours.

If you need to stay in the office for longer hours, then you can pump the breast milk with the help of Pumping machines, which will give more yield. You can store the milk in 2 or 3 containers and it can be utilized in need.

You can learn to pump the milk with the help of machine, from the hospital nurses.


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Jul 26, 2012
Hi Jayanthy, your tips are the most valuable and very important to the young mothers! thank you!

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