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Feb 8, 2012
Breast Pumps

Hi Friends,
I was contemplating for a long time where to create this thread.I request Lakshmi to create post-pregnancy forum.
Breast milk is the best for baby growth and it is non-allergenic . Coming back to topic, Breast pumps are useful for working mothers and mothers with babies who don't want to suck.I am a working mother. My first child was a poor sucker and she didn't want to breast feed from second week of her birth.So, I used to express milk with my hands 3 times a days for 10 months . It was so painful and breast may sag.I didn't want to go through same pain again.
Two of my colleague used breast pumps of different brands ( medela and Avent) and both were happy with their respective brands. Since I bought medela mini electric ( costs around 7k) , I wanted to share details about that. So, please don't consider this a recommendation. Medela has other high end models but I didn't want to invest more.Though medela comes with different breast shield size, I found only a single size in shop and it is standard size ( 24 mm). We can adjust the vacuum speed and it can be battery operated. I didn't use batteries till now. But, women from Tamilnadu need batteries. I set the speed which I was comfortable. Collection was simple and painless. I am in my third month and collected 40 ml of milk in 10 minutes from one breast. My breast was not tight during the collection time.Others may do better than me. I made a mistake when I used the pump for first time. I didn't hold the pump properly. So, referred to the YouTube videos on avent and medela. Avent posted a useful video. Then, I held the pump as suggested in the video. I was standing for few trials of collection. Later, I collected in sitting posture.
I will continue to post my experience with breast pump. I haven't started storing milk. My friend's experience are to collect milk in medela's BPA free containers ( they don't accumulate gas which causes colic in babies) , put it bag with ice packs and store it in freezer and later microwave it before feeding. There are other brand containers and feeding bottles to prevent colic in babies. Medela itself come with a bag . I didn't buy this bag yet. It carries 4 bottles and comes with ice container. Ice container contains some sort of liquid and needs to be refrigerated for 8 hours before each usage. They say no need to refrigerate if ice packs or ice container are used. But , I am not sure.Since TamilNadu has power issues and high temperature, storing procedure may vary.
Also, shops have steam sterilizer for bottles and steel bowls .I didn't buy one yet. But, I find this as a good option as washing in hot water may degrade the plastic. If I buy one, I will post the information .
I request Penmai mothers to post their experience with breast pump, storing and feeding methods, and details of breast pump. Please !! Please !! do post your experience.

Let us all promote breast milk
for babies and make our kids healthy and strong.

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Jul 26, 2012
Dear rthilag, very nice and useful information you have shared. the details and facts and figures given by are very much astonishing to note the different kind of difficulty in breast-feeding by mothers. Any how I liked your post the way in which you have narrated your experience step by step. thanks for sharing such vital information.

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