Breastfeeding For new moms


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Mar 18, 2010
"Breastfeeding is one of the most enriching experiences for a mother": It not only nourishes the baby, but also creates an immense bond between the mother and the baby".
Breastfeeding is natural, but it is important that expectant moms educate themselves on how to breastfeed and learn about positioning and latching-on, supply and demand of milk, and how to handle challenges during breastfeeding.

It’s important to understand that the production of breast milk is based on demand and supply. The more the mother feeds, the more the supply of milk which means that a mother should feed the baby on demand, rather than on a schedule. Also, babies have growth spurts. So, a baby who was being fed every three hours might suddenly demand to be fed every hour: It does not mean that the supply of milk is less, but that the baby is experiencing growth spurts.
Even the dad has a role to play in this process. It is important that the expectant dads attend a childbirth class to learn about breastfeeding. For successful breast feeding the mom needs food, rest, sleep and support. So, it is dad’s duty to take on household chores. So, men, better get a grip on cleaning, cooking, washing and entertaining guests. Also the dad has to encourage the mom and tell her that she is doing a great job. Dads can also support the mom to position and latch-on the baby while she is breastfeeding. Once the feeding is done allow the mom to rest and take the baby under your care. Burp the baby, change its clothes and put it to sleep. Also at night it’s the dad’s duty to bring the baby to the mother for feeds.

Courtesy: Chennai Times, august 3 2009
Jan 6, 2011
Great suggestion,,The mother must take enough care on her health before feeding the baby. Mother’s milk is the purest form of food that is available to a baby to which there is no other substitute. A mother’s indisposition will affect the baby’s health severely.


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Oct 12, 2017
It is important that every mom ought to know the position of sitting, time gag, sometime baby may sleep for a long time in that case mom has to awake the child and feed. My mom and my mother-in law used to to say that the baby cry only on two ocations that is when they feel hungry another one when they feel sick. Our family doctor advised me if you bring the child without any sickness it will grow smoothly, in case if it falls under sickness it will fall often sick. Because its immune power will be less.

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