Breathing Properly


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Feb 27, 2011
Consider for most overweight people, their breathing is somewhat restricted. The extra layers of weight may hinder proper posture or cause a person to make a habit of bad posture so their diaphragm doesn’t expand fully as they breathe. You may have heard how pregnant women may sometimes have trouble breathing fully, this happens sometimes even for thin pregnant mothers. It’s also true that for sedentary people, their breathing function is in a weakened state.

The solution is to fix the problem by breathing more fully, because adding a healthy breathing routine to your weight loss program is proven to make fat melt away. The reason why it works is because when you add extra oxygen to your body fat, it will undoubtedly break down into water, which flows into the blood stream and then through the kidneys where it’s excreted as urine. It is also excreted through breath as carbon dioxide. So where do you begin?

First, you want to practice healthy breathing techniques. Generally speaking, you can do this by inhaling slowly and deeply through your nose. Keep in mind a proper inhale takes about five seconds, from there you exhale slowly through the mouth, emptying your lungs completely. You want to breathe with your belly and not in your chest or throat as most people do – which is shallow breathing. You want to work toward breathing six to eight breaths per minute.

Next, you want to begin to engage in exercise. This will help you develop a breathing habit that works to remove toxic waste material and ultimately help boost your metabolism. As you begin to develop a better breathing habit, and practice your routines, you’ll notice that you’ll have newfound energy. With this newfound energy, you’ll feel better, and will have more desire to engage in more physical activity, including exercise and sports. The answer to the question, “Can breathing properly help you lose weight?” is without a doubt – yes.

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