Bridal Hairstyles for Curly Hair


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Jul 5, 2011
Bridal Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Some will prefer to curl their hair for the wedding while others have naturally curly or wavy hair and have no option. What ever the case, our bridal hairstyles for curly hair will have you looking like a princess that you desire to be on your wedding day.
Here are some bridal hairstyles for curly hair that will get you through your big day without a hair malfunction.
·Simple and loose

, this is where the hair is worn down and in a carefree way that shows off the curls to their best advantage. For those having an outdoor or beach themed wedding, this is the perfect way to wear your hair as it is relaxed enough for the occasion.
·Half up half down

, works well for people with long and heavy hair. For those wearing the strapless gown, it is the ideal hairstyle. It is achieved by pulling back the hair and holding it back on the back or top of the head and the rest is left to free flow.
·Elegant and official updo

for those brides who will be hosting a more official function. The smoother base of the hair is pulled back and the curls are then organized in a more exotic bun. You can use pins bands or even a tiara to keep the hair in place.
·The simple ponytail

, another great option for a bride with a less formal wedding. You can upgrade the ponytail by decorating the hair with various clips and flowers. It is a good option for a bride who is wearing a veil and has exceptional facial features.

  • And finally the
modern updo

, which sees most of the hair gathered in a bun at the back of the head with a few wisps left to hang by the sides of the face framing it. This is the most romantic of all the hair styles for curly hair and is very reminiscent of the Victorian era with its princesses and knights in shining amour.

You can use the bridal hairstyles for curly hair as a basis to create your own version of the hairstyles and make it unique to you. The beautiful thing about curly hair is that if all else fails, you can always fall back on wearing it as simply as nature made it. Good luck trying out a hairstyle that suits you and have a happy wedding.
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