Bringing your boyfriend home?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Bringing your boyfriend home?[/h]
Here are five things to keep in mind.

The moment you know you and your boyfriend are taking your relationship to the next level, that's when you bring your parents into the picture. Here's how to set up that much dreaded meeting and do your bit in making sure he gets in a good first impression...

Discuss background

This takes a day or two. Sometimes, even a week. Make sure you bring up your parents in general conversations, even on dates with your guy. This will give him a fair idea about their likes and dislikes. Similarly, ensure that your parents too are aware of his existence before the meeting. This will help both of them treat each other right and will also help avoid unpleasant surprises, if any. This will also help him choose the right gift for your parents.

Pick the occasion

It might not be possible in every case, but try to introduce your boyfriend to your parents on a special occasion. Something like a sibling's wedding, a festival or a simple family get-together are apt occasions for the meeting. This will ensure that he is not your parent's focus of attention, which means he might not be subject to a lot of serious questions. Similarly, this might also come as an opportunity to show how helpful he can be or how well he can adjust within the family.

Dress well

The first impression is always the last impression. As he is meeting your parents for the first time; he definitely needs to create the right impression. So, dressing appropriately is of paramount importance. For instance, if he's in a rock band, make sure he is clean shaven at least on the day he is coming to meet your parents. That means, gothic tees and tattered jeans are out, at least for now.

Bring in a gift

Gifts are always welcome. As he is meeting them for the first time, it is better to present them with a token of respect; it will be liked by them and will also create a good impression about him. Also, make sure he chooses a gift that is apt for both (mom and dad), so that, he can impress both of them.

Avoid details

Lastly, advise him not to divulge many details about his family, friends, work or their relationship to the parents, as this would lead to further questions, since it is just the first meeting. Keep the meeting as short and formal as possible, so that any misconceptions about each other can be avoided. However, he can get slightly casual in the approach, so that he comes across as warm.

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