Brisk Walking Benefits


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Jul 5, 2011
In today's times, people are leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Inadequate sleep, eating disorder, lack of proper regular exercise, increasing rate of obesity and other health diseases, shooting stress levels are some of the facts, that define the contemporary world's lifestyle. It can be said that in the present era, human beings have got so engrossed in earning money, that they have virtually stopped paying attention to their physical and mental fitness.

People don't realize the fact that money cannot buy them happiness. There is a saying that "if wealth is lost, something is lost, but if health is lost, everything is lost." So, its high time, we start giving importance to our health and make a constant effort to work towards maintaining our all round fitness. There are distinctive types of workout that one can perform in order to keep fit, but one exercise that is suitable for all age groups is brisk walking. Read further to explore information about brisk walking benefits…

There are innumerable benefits of brisk walking, especially for obese people, as it helps them a great deal in fastening their weight loss program. Talking about the fact, as to how fast should the pace of your aerobic exercise brisk walking be; the answer to it is that the right pace is the one, which is fast but not exhausting. The ideal brisk walking speed is, in which you are capable of talking with your walking companion, while carrying on with your walking session.

Here are a couple of benefits of brisk walking:

  • It helps to fight against stress, by providing complete relaxation to your mind.
  • It protects you from the clutches of diseases like osteoporosis, colon cancer, constipation etc.
  • It increases the longevity of your life, by maintaining your fitness.
  • It helps in reducing the problem of depression, thus enabling you to derive mental peace.
  • It relieves you from backache trouble and also acts as a great remedy for arthritis problem.
  • It helps in increasing your flexibility, by strengthening your muscles, bones and joints, thereby toning your body.
  • It ensures that you have a proper sleep at night.

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