Brushing Baby’s Teeth


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Dec 2, 2011
#1 need to clean the teeth even for the babies. Otherwise, the teeth may decay very soon.

Bacterias may stick to the mouth and teeth and create problems for the babies.

Once your child starts to get the tooth/teeth, you need to start brushing them.

They may get the tooth from their 6 months onwards.

If they do not get the tooth even after 1 year, then you can clean the gums with the paste in your cleaned finger. This is to avoid smell from the mouth.

You need to brush the teeth both in the morning and in the night.

Also after every breast feed, you need to give some water to drink, so that, the sweetness of the milk does not stay in the mouth and teeth.

Generally, all the babies’ mouth and urine will start smelling after 1 year.

Once when they get the tooth, you can buy one tiny baby brush which will have very very soft bristles and put a very small amount , say of a
grain size, and then brush the baby’s teeth both on the front and back side.

Or, you can get “Finger brush” which can be worn as a tiny glove in your finger and with the help of this, you can put some baby paste and brush the teeth of the baby.

Along with the teeth, clean the tongue also, but very mildly, so that they do not tend to vomit.

Initially, you need not use the Fluoride tooth paste. There are many Baby Tooth pastes in the market. If necessary you can take the guidance of your Pediatrician.

After brushing the teeth , you can clean his mouth with water with the same brush which is cleaned well. Sometimes in the later months, you can put some water and ask him to spit.

For this, you should show them how to do it by putting little water in your mouth and spit it.

They will bite the brush very often. Leave it .

But you need to buy a new brush, once the bristles are not proper as earlier.

The below videos will show as how to brush your baby’s teeth.
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