Budget beauty tips for every woman


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Budget beauty tips for every woman

Here are some handy tips

Use an all-in-one product
There are plenty of cosmetics available which solves the purpose of a concealer-powder-foundation or a lipstick and a lip balm. Apart from saving you from the trouble of buying so many cosmetics, you can also fit it comfortably in your purse.

Choose a pencil liner
Experiment with different pencil liners instead of gel or liquid ones. The pencil liners lasts longer as opposed to gel and liquid ones and are also less expensive.

Go for a monthly pampering session
Instead of visiting the salon every fortnight, go in for a good pampering facial, pedicure or manicure just once a month. This will help you spend less. In case you have to get a pedicure or facial done, try doing it at home, using homemade remedies.

Stick to essentials
When you are on a budget, do not experiment with various brands and products. Buy something that you will use on a daily basis instead of one which you will use rarely. Your basics should include a mascara, foundation cum powder, concealer, eye liner and a tinted lip balm.

Buy products on sale
Instead of buying your makeup from an expensive outlet, look for various discounts and offers where you can buy these cosmetics and beauty products for cheap. Alternatively, you can also look up for products online where you can buy it for a lesser price.
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