Building a father-son bond


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Jul 5, 2011
Building a father-son bond

Here are some basic ways to strengthen the father-son relationship

Many good fathers, unfortunately, have bad relationships with their sons, while many good sons unsuccessfully try to create a working relationship with fathers who seem just not interested at all.

No one is 'bad'; it is just the way you deal with the relationship that gives it a different perspective.

Fathers' roles have evolved in the past few decades wherein a more encompassing character is preferred over a firm disciplinarian. What is important is nurturing your relationship with your son, right now, and in the years to come, rather than trying to be that 'perfect dad'.

Here's how you can build a stronger father-son relationship:

Know your role

Remember, your role as a father begins from the time your son is born. As a father you need to take care of your son's needs and some of his wants financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Remember, your son looks up to you as his role model, so always lead by example.

Be informed

One of the most important aspects to strengthen the bond is to know what your son is going through. You could do this by asking his teachers, friends, or other people he confides in. Accusing him of being insensitive or distant without knowing the truth would be incorrect, especially when you cannot guarantee the reasons behind it.
Identify the factors that are changing his attitude towards you and start finding a solution to the problems.


Be more patient and affectionate when your son does something to displease you. Avoid arguments by being calm and hearing situations out before you react. Do not yell or say hurtful words outside as it will only lead to more arguments. Saying sorry at times can solve problems too.


Initiate interaction through father-and-son activities. Spend more time with your son, even in the smallest ways, like driving him to school, taking an evening stroll, or cleaning the garage together.
This will help start a conversation that hopefully will allow your son to express his feelings and concerns to you. Children need to feel secure and reassured that you're always there during confusing moments of their youth and development.


Fathers should be stricter and rigid is a complete misconception. Different children need different approaches, which is why it is important to know and understand your son. As the adult, try to foster a more positive and open mind in dealing with him because it may be stressful time for him.


Yuva's of Penmai
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Oct 13, 2011
Sri Lanka
Thank you for sharing some basic ways to build stronger between the father-son relationship

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