'California Almonds' keep energy levels high, Clinical nutritionist Ishi Khosla says


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Jul 5, 2011
'California Almonds' keep energy levels high, Clinical nutritionist Ishi Khosla says

Scientific research shows that eating a handful of almonds a day may help lower bad cholesterol levels, protect against heart disease and other lifestyle diseases. Moreover, almonds are a great source of Vitamin 'E' and fiber.

Amongst dry fruits, almonds are one of the highest on protein which make them an excellent supplement for vegetarians. Pop-in a few 'California Almonds' every 2-3 hours to keep hunger pangs away and energy levels high, suggests clinical nutritionist Ishi Khosla.

Clinical nutritionist who is also director of Centre for Dietary Counseling said, "During festival season, it always becomes difficult to stick to your usual healthy diet and exercise regime. The secret to looking and feeling great, while attending all those back-to-back parties, is smart snacking to ensure you keep your energy levels up. Go for nuts including
almonds, walnuts, cashewnuts, seeds, etc, fresh fruits, dry-fruits. Due to their richness in fiber, protein and high quality of fat, almonds make a high nutrient and high satiety food for weight watchers. California almonds can also be an auspicious gift in festivals."

Consumers all over the world enjoy California Almonds as a natural, wholesome and quality food product, making almonds California's leading agricultural export in terms of value. The Almond Board of California promotes almonds through its research-based approach to all aspects of marketing, farming and production on behalf of the more than 6,000 California Almond growers and processors, many of whom are multi-generational family operations.

Established in 1950 and based in Modesto, California, the Almond Board of California is a non-profit organization that administers a grower-enacted Federal Marketing Order under the supervision of the US Department of Agriculture.


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Jul 26, 2012
It is a really good information regarding the almonds which helps the reduction of bad cholesterol and helps to reduce the risks of heart diseases. thanks vijigermany

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