Can diabetes affect a women’s sex life?


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Jul 5, 2011
Can diabetes affect a women’s sex life?

Women with diabetes have a less satisfactory sex life than those without, a new study suggests, with those on insulin therapy particularly unsatisfied. While diabetes is a long recognised risk factor for sexual dysfunction in men, the new study presented strong evidence that the condition put women at similar risk.

The cross-sectional study of over 2 000 American women showed those with insulin-treated diabetes were twice as likely as those without diabetes to report low sexual satisfaction. Non-insulin-treated women with diabetes were 42% more likely to report low sexual satisfaction, researchers reported in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In sexually active women, those on insulin were more than twice as likely to report difficulties with lubrication and 80% more likely to report difficulty in achieving orgasm. However, these differences did not appear to affect sexual desire or frequency, with the researchers finding no significant differences between diabetic and non-diabetic women.

Those with end-organ complications like peripheral neuropathy, renal dysfunction, stroke or heart disease were more likely to report decreased sexual activity or lower sexual satisfaction compared to controls.

Reasons for decreased quality of sex life could include complications of the disease itself – such as vascular changes in urogenital tissues or neuropathy-mediated alterations in genital arousal response – or side-effects from diabetes treatments, the authors said. “These findings suggest that, although many diabetic women are interested and engaged in sexual activity, diabetes is associated with a markedly decreased sexual quality of life,” the authors said. Clinicians should “consider actively assessing for sexual problems”, they concluded.

If you have any related concerns, you can discuss them with your doctor.
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Jul 26, 2012
dear Viji, very nice information explaining the relationship with diabetic women and her sexual disinterest. thanks

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