Can not taking plenty of water when drinking prenatals hurt my unborn baby?


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Congrats for your pregnancy.

Why you are not able to drink water?

How many months pregnant you are?

If you face any problem while drinking water, even if you are not able to drink the usual amount of water you drink, then please consult with the Gynaecologist whom you consult for your pregnancy.

She will find out the reason by checking you personally.

If you do not have any problems after the doctor has diagnosed, then , if you are not able to drink even 1 glass of water at a stretch, then you may drink 1/4 glass of water at a time and you may drink the water frequently.

thus you will drink the necessary water.

Drinking water will help you to digest the food you eat and for having free motion without constipation.

Please consult the doctor as soon as possible and explain her about your problem.

We pray for your safe delivery.