Can you trust your man? Take this quiz to find out


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Jul 5, 2011
Can you trust your man?

Take this quiz to find out whether your man is being unfaithful to you...

Can you trust the man you are with? Do you know if it is just white lies that he gives you or is it otherwise? Is your partner a compulsive liar? Is he being unfaithful to you? Answer the following questions and you may find out...

How often does your partner buy you flowers or gifts for no reason?

A) Never, it's just not his thing.

B) Often, he always has.

C) Not much now, but he used to.

Your partner's ex-girlfriend calls him up to invite him to dinner. When you express your concern he:

A) Phones his ex in front of you to tell her he is involved with you and he politely declines the dinner invitation.

B) Suggests that you all have dinner together to show you that they are just friends.

C) Reassures you that he no longer has any feelings for her, yet doesn't confirm he won't go.

You see your partner's car at a bar when he was supposed to be at a friend's house watching a game. When you ask him if he had a good time at his friend's, he replies:

A) We went to this bar because my friend wanted to have some fun.

B) No. We went this dumpy bar to watch the match because his cable went off.

C) Yes. We had fun at his house.

The physical intimacy you share...

A) It is always about the same.

B) He has phases of being much friskier than usual.

C) He has become indifferent in the recent past.

You and your partner are together on a crowded beach. He would:

A) Bury himself in his book or sleep.

B) Stay where he is but manage to keep his eye on every attractive woman within a half-mile radius.

C) Take every opportunity to wander off.

Is he big on PDA?

A) He's loving in private but isn't keen on public display of affection.

B) He can't keep his hands off me.

C) Sometimes he is, sometimes not.

Does he keep any areas of his life secret from you?

A) No, we have no secrets.

B) One or two, but everyone needs their privacy.

C) He's generally a secretive person.

Does he offer to stay at home and let you go out and enjoy with your friends?

A) It would never occur to him.

B) If I suggested it, I am sure he would agree.

C) He often suggests it.

You're having a bad day at work. You phone your partner and ask him to pick up dinner and grab a movie. He:

A) Makes dinner instead because he knows you don't like fast food and picks up a chick flick he knows you would like.

B) Picks up his favorite fast food and a guy video.

C) He conveniently forgets the conversation and you come home to find him eating chips and watching TV.

Your answers:

Mostly As

You have nothing to worry at all. Your man is faithful to the core. He has eyes only for you. Of course, he hasn't forgotten that there are many other tempting and attractive women on this planet, but he's determined to look and not touch, thank you very much. He is loyal and contented and knows without a doubt that infidelity is a mug's game. You can certainly trust him to be faithful.

Mostly Bs

You man has probably not been unfaithful yet but watch out he could be tempted! If he figured that there was a chance that he would not be found out then he would go ahead have a fling and be unfaithful. The fact that he is aware that there is a lot that he might lose if he were unfaithful helps him keep a hold over himself but that does not stop him from fantasizing about the many possibilities. You can trust him but be careful.

Mostly Cs

Lookout for the warning signs! You should be worried - either he is being unfaithful or has been unfaithful or is about to be unfaithful. This man can not be trusted for sure. He is a pleasure-seeker and is selfish about it. The fact that he is secretive will help him in his cause and will help make his infidelity go undetected for along time.


Commander's of Penmai
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Jun 10, 2012
Even without seeing these Qs,, I am very sure that my Fiance ~ is a gem,,,,

I am thankful to God for such a wonderful gift,,, :) And next I would like to Thank his mom for having brought up such a wonderful guy :)

Thanks to my parents too :)

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