Can Your Baby Hear You?


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Jul 5, 2011
Can Your Baby Hear You?

It is common for mothers to sing to the baby developing in their womb. It is an ancient belief that the voice of mother soothes the baby. It is also said that the baby experiences everything around it that has an effect on its future. Listening to music during pregnancy is a recommended way by doctors to relax. There are several couples who talk to the baby and give it a tentative name when it is still in the womb.
Can your baby hear you talk, laugh and sing? Apparently it can.

From When Can The Baby Hear?
Foetal development is an interesting subject but it is not without contradictions. Some experts say that the baby can hear you early from the 16th week of pregnancy. Others quote other numbers like 18th weeks or 20th weeks. Either ways, it is a known fact that the baby starts hearing external sounds in the starting of the second trimester of pregnancy.

What Can The Baby Hear?
To tell you the truth, the baby hears everything that goes on around you. It only hears the sounds as if they were distant due to many layers of flesh and the amniotic fluid surrounding it. So, no swearing around your pregnant wife. And also, avoid bickering if you can.

Jokes apart, at this stage of foetal development, the foetus can only recognise sounds as familiar or unfamiliar, harmonious or noisy. They cannot really comprehend your words. But the beginning of learning a language starts in the mother's womb. That is why we call our first language as 'mother tongue'. It is the tongue we are accustomed to from the womb.

Whats Does The Baby Like To Hear?
Your baby likes to hear soothing sounds. That is we sing lullabies to a baby. The gentle repetitive sounds rock the baby to sleep and comfort. You may be a great fan of rock music but do not force your preference upon the little one. Choose a nice instrumental number for your baby.

Abrupt and shocking sounds like traffic noises, honking etc. disturbs the baby. So try not to shout or watch violent movies when you are pregnant. You can actually see your baby's response to sounds if you play things on a disk player while having an ultra sound scan. It is fascinating to watch foetal development up close.

The baby also like to hear the sound of the mother's voice. It is believed that the foetus starts recognising the voices of the mother, father and other close family members sometime in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Your baby can hear you so, make sure you say good things during your pregnancy.
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