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Jul 9, 2015
Dear all

I have come across a pamphlet of a NGO called "global Caner Concern India" which works for cancer care in India.

Don't know how many of us are aware of the symptoms. Many a times it is diagnosed at the last stage (except few lucky ones) and it is very painful to see their life ending painfully.

My own MIL suffered Colon cancer and had a painful death. Though she showed many a symptoms associated with it and it was visible in her CT scan, it went unnoticed by the doctor treating her. She could not undergo the surgery as planned as it had already spread to her bladder, kidney and was spreading to other organs....

Healthy Food, healthy living, right body weight etc will help one lead a healthy life.

The pamphlet of the NGO gave a list of symptoms suffered during different type of cancers. Sharing it here because it may help the needy to identify it at right time to take the necessary diagnosis and treatment. But do not panic when you see similar symptoms for some other minor ailments. Keep your cool and take the medical help to diagnose the problem.

ORAL CANCER :- White or red patches inside the oral cavity or difficulty in swallowing or opening the mouth wide, thickening of the tongue.

LUNG / THROAT CANCERS :- Persistent cough ; chest pain ; blood in sputum ; shortness of breath ; weight loss or loss of appetite ; hoarseness ; repeated bouts of penumonia or bronchitis, difficulty in swallowing.

STOMACH CANCER : Indigestion or hearburn, pain in the abdomen, bloating of stomach after meals, loss of appetite, weakness, tiredness, diarrhoea or constipation, blood in vomit.

Diarrhoea, constipation or any other change in bowel habits ; frequent gas pains ; blood in faeces

BREAST CANCER:- A lump in the breast or under-arm area ; change in shape, size or colour of the breast ; discharge from nipple ; dimpled puckered or scaly surface of the breast (like an orange peel)

CERVICAL / UTERINE CANCER :- unusual vaginal bleeding ; pain in the pelvic area, foul smelling or unusual discharge.

KIDNEY CANCER :- blood in urine ; frequent fevers ; weightloss or loss of appetite ; tiredness ; pain in the side ; anemia or high blood pressure

BLADDER CANCER :- The neeed to urinate frequently, painful urination ; blood in the urine

PROSTATE CANCER :- Urination problems

MELANOMA (SKin cancer) :- Change in size shape or colour of a mole or wart

finally the pamphlet stressed :- "Please note that these symptoms could be caused by something less serious too. However it is important that you consult your doctor for a proper investigation if any of the above symptoms persists for more than two weeks".

Along with the above symptoms i would like to mention certain things which we learnt from our experience that are important to be noticed and followed during the treatment.

  • Generally cancer patients lose weight immensely, some have loss of appetite, difficulty in fucntioning of the affected organs etc.

  • Cancer patients may suffer from an imbalance in their electrolyte level. Hence regular tests need to be taken and the salts to be supplimented with medical advise orally or through IV as per the requirement. Dip in electrolyte if go unnoticed for a longer period will affect the brain cells. The brain cell if affected dies and cannot be revived. The organs related to that part of brain function may fail. The patient may go to unconscious / vegetable state.... slowly they die... [ This we have experienced as the doctor during discharge never mentioned about the importance of electrolyte level cheking in the discharge advice... so she kept talking about old things forgtting the present... slowly she behaved like a child....]

  • Frequent rise in temperature (fevers). In case of my MIL it happened everyday during the last stage of the cancer. As it was winter season all the doctors blamed it on the weather. One of my aunt suffered from Breast Cancer but fortunately she was operated at right time and got rid of it. She is going for regular check ups. But her health is not so good like before inspite of the healthy diet she is taking but a reasonably good life she is able to lead now.

My Experience :- My MIL suffered from colon cancer. The symptoms she experienced are :-

Frequent passing of urine / sensation to pass urine
Sudden immense weightloss

  1. Frequent feeling for passing stool (though large intestine is clear)
  2. Bloating of stomach, Gas formation
  3. Tatelessness
  4. Tiredness (low electrolyte level)
  5. Daily fever during the last stage
  6. Blood while passing Urine
  7. Vomitting after seeing all the above symptoms


So my kind advise to all people is,dont be so sure that a doctor isnt necessary for your sickness.There is nothing great by not visiting a doctor,prevention is afterall better than cure,and in this case early treatment gives life..

A humble request to all :- please do come and share valuable info related to cancer viz... the symptoms you came to know... success stories etc. here... it could be your personal experience or learnt from a near or dear one who suffered / suffering ....

Lesson learnt is
1. visit the right kind of specialist doctor for the continued ailments.
2. when symptoms troubles in any way we must visit the doctor.
3. Be more prayful and watchful to get to the right doctor,

These are my few cents.

May God bless us.

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