CAT flaws: Candidates point at complete mismanagement


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Though IIM-Bangalore said on Monday that the leaking of the toughest section of last Sunday's Common Admission Test (CAT) for the Indian Institutes of Management and other prominent business schools on social media sites was an isolated incident that was being dealt with, some candidates have alleged "complete mismanagement" at the test centres.

Despite a non-disclosure agreement, images of questions from the "data interpretation and logical reasoning" section of the test leaked online by a candidate during the test (at 3.09 pm) were circulated on social media. This also raised the question of whether security had been compromised even though candidates were not allowed to wear shoes and socks while taking the test.

"There have been issues previously as well. But they were mostly about technical glitches. But this (circulation of questions on social media while the exam was underway is far too serious and demands a thorough review," said a mid-level executive of an IT firm who took the test for the second time on Sunday.

"I came across candidates pointing out that some aspirants were allowed inside the test centres with watches and wallets. I haven't come across any personally, though, at my centre. Also, the question is how we can be sure there was just one incident (and one person), and not more," a candidate from Delhi said on condition of anonymity.

There were also allegations that some of the questions were wrong and that the score calculation for CAT 2016 was questionable. "For an exam as reputed as CAT, its recent history has been marred by blemishes of all kinds — technical glitches, wrong questions, questionable score calculations, and now even a leak that went viral," said Deekshant Sehrawat, director, Roots Education and an alumni of IIM-Kolkata.

The first computer-based CAT in 2009 was marred by technical glitches due to a virus attack that led to a retest for over 10,000 aspirants.

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