Celebrity Makeup Ideas For Indian Eyes


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Celebrity Makeup Ideas For Indian Eyes

Indian women are famous for their eyes that have tremendous depth like the deep oceans. The oriental view of India has always portrayed an Indian woman with mystic eyes that can speak without words. That is why, the makeup for Indian eyes needs to be a special chapter in itself. The modern Indian woman has different priorities and thus, the eye makeup ideas she uses must reflect her new avatar.
Five of the best eye makeup ideas for Indian eyes have been mentioned here.

1. Kareena's Light Brown Eyes:
Kareena Kapoor's makeup has never let her down. In this look, Kareena has gone for simple light brown eye makeup that suits the Indian fair skinned women very well. To get this Indian look, apply very light brown eyeshadow on the crease of your eyelid and spread it with your fingers. Now use kohl to draw a thick and dark black line on your lower lashes. On the upper lash line, draw a thin line with a light black eyeliner. Curl your lashes with black mascara and you are done!

2. Anushka's Perfect Asian Eyes:
Eyes that are tilted slightly upwards are called Asian eyes. Anushka Sharma has the perfectly tilted Asian eyes. The best makeup for Indian eyes like these is quite simple. Apply some copper brown eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Highlight it with white near the crease line. Now draw a thick and dark black line on the upper lash line. Stretch the end of the line a little upwards. Draw a faint black line on the lower lashes and make it meet the upper lash line. Anushka has also used fake black eyelashes here.

3. Bipasha's Dreamy Eyes:
The most attractive element in the eyes of an Indian woman is their dream like quality. Smoky eye makeup looks best on duskier Indian skin tone. Bipasha Basu's big Bong eyes here have a mystified look as if she is dreaming. To try this eye makeup idea, draw thick lines on the contours of your eyes with black kohl. Now apply Vaseline on your fingers and smudge the lines carefully. Apply smoky black eyeshadow and prime up your lashes with mascara.

4. Ash's Stark Eyes:
Aishwarya Rai is one of the rare Indian women to have very light eyes. So if you too have light eyes but olive skin like Indians, then you can try this Indian look. Ash has gone for stark Indian eye makeup here. She has used dark black kohl to draw thick contours around her eyes. Then she has applied a nude coloured eyeshadow to bring out the stark black makeup. The blue hues under her eyebrows are matching her dupatta.

5. Sonam's Dense Eyes:
Ever heard of the saying 'eyes as dark as the black night'? This Indian makeup idea is a literal rendition of that saying. The eyes are bordered with such thick lines of kohl that no eyeshadow is necessary. It gives you quite a dramatic look and is best suited with an ornate black outfit like the one Sonam Kapoor is wearing.
These are some of the celebrity makeup styles that look best on Indian eyes.

Which celebrity makeup style would you adopt?


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Jul 26, 2012
Kindly inform regarding the approximate charges and which beauty parlor is doing this make up? any way thanks for your information.
Oct 7, 2012
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