cheat in a relationship


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
cheat in a relationship

Research shows that women cheat mostly when are sexual needs or emotional needs are not fulfilled but with men they can be absolutely in love with their spouse and still cheat. So you want to cheat but why?

So any one (mentioned below) or more could be the reason for one to have an extramarital affair:

1 Sex,
the three letter word is the most popular reason for being in a no string attached relationship. No gender biases, but this works more for men. History is full of such examples.

2. You know this is not morally right yet you feel as if you are in a constant blissful state when you are with the 'other' person. Emotions knows no logic.

3. Variety is the spice of life. Boredom creeps into the best of relationships also.

4. The element of thrill is always there in case of cheating and that adds spark to your life. What's forbidden always look alluring.

5. You have been happily married for years but now you are utterly bored. You know your spouse in and out. The element of mystery is now a matter of the past. Getting into a new relationship makes you feel like a traveller all set to explore a new destination.

6. Well, you could be married and unhappy. You are desperate for a sense of understanding and companionship. That's the time you look outside your 'socially defined' relationship for comfort and happiness.

7. It's difficult not to fall for that sizzling chemistry. Even before you realise, you are swayed by that surge of emotions, that massive wave called 'chemistry.' You just don't bother about the 'why' and 'how.'

8. Sometimes you just get into it even without any deeper emotional involvement.

9. Some people cheat to score a point with somebody. Some people do it for a sense of power, financial gains and sometimes short-time gain too

10. Some people cheat because they are habitual cheaters.

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