Check The Types and choose Him


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Check The Types and choose Him

It is very hypothetical to think that the husband you are looking for should be a good man, after all even he is a human being like you and has desires and dreams in life. Looking for a husband is definitely not wrong but expecting things larger than life is just not the way. Any woman would never want to come out of her dreams when she is looking for her Mr Right. Today, we will introduce the 5 husband types commonly available on planet earth. Take a look.

Top 5 Husband Types To Find Your Mr Right

1. Rich Husbands – Ah, these are a little difficult to get as they never want to marry. Marriage is again a business or a project to them that will help them in expansion and making more money. As they are rich, they aren't deprived of desires so marriage doesn't have to happen to fulfill things in their life. Many a times, the ritual is namesake. Finding a humble rich man is like hitting a bumper lottery.

2. Rich At Heart Husbands – These are road side romeos who can build a palace of hearts in dreams. They are ready to do anything for you but all that they want from you is finance. They are money less and jobless but can shower true love 24/7. These type of husbands are clingy and 100% losers.

3. Desperate Husbands – There are men who fall for women for physical satisfaction. They feel marriage will allow them to enjoy women freely without any condition. These man force you for the same and may get to any extent to get what they want. If they aren't satisfied mentally and physically, they even try to seek external help through affairs and one night stands.

4. Single Husbands – Husbands living life as a single are also a type. They are selfish, money minded and irresponsible. They believe that life doesn't change after marriage. They only spend for themselves and demand more money from spouse. They wouldn't care for wives as they treat them like a money lending machine.

5. Cruel Husbands - These are cannibals. They treat women like a piece of meat. Domestic violence is their mantra. According to them, wives are non living objects and are only created to be free slaves and serve these characters.

If you are looking for a husband, you need to get realistic. Find a simple man with simple heart. Richness, fame and beauty is shortlived. Understand world and select your soulmate even if he is ordinary.

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