Cheeks Make Up Tips


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Why less is more?

Blush that is too dark, bright or matte can look flat and heavy, like eye shadow on your cheeks. Blush is meat to reflect light and add dimension to your face; it should be no darker than the color your cheek turns when you pinch it.

How to get it right?

Choose a cream blush, because its sheen prevents color from looking one dimensional. Apply it as you would flush naturally ¨C on the apple of the cheek, not a diagonal stripe along the cheekbone.

Subtle shimmer

Why less is more?

f you apply shimmer all over your face it has the opposite effect: it makes your whole face look one ¨C dimensional.

How to apply it right?

Place it on certain areas to highlight and define your bone structure. For the most natural effect choose one with a sheer, creamy texture and dab a small amount in the inner corners of the eyes, underneath the brow and along the upper where you are applied shimmer. It minimizes the amount of light your skin reflects, so it mutes the radiant effect you want to achieve.

- Joy2day

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