Childhood Asthma Causes and Symptoms !!!


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Sep 3, 2012
In childhood asthma, both the lungs and airways become easily inflamed when they are exposed to certain triggers like airborne pollen. Its causes and symptoms give a lot of trouble to a child. In some children, this sort of asthma flares up with a cold or other respiratory infection.

This problem also gives botheration in doing some physical activities like playing, sports, schooling and sleeping. In fact, in some cases, an unmanaged asthma problem can lead to really severe asthma attacks which can even cause the death of a person. So, here is a review of some of the main causes and symptoms of this problem. Take a look inside!!

What Causes this Childhood Asthma

Viral infection and allergens- Viral infection like common cold gives rise to the problem of asthma. Other than this, the children who are exposed to allergens like dust mites or cockroach feces are more likely to develop this breathing problem. A high exposure to allergens such as dander, pollen and mold is also the main cause of the occurrence of this disease.

Household cleaners and perfumes- Kids who are exposed to household cleaners often get the problem of asthma. These cleaners contain some chemicals like formaldehyde, phenol and glycerin. All these chemicals give a boost to trigger this breathing distress.

In fact, many laundry detergents are made with a high perfume like odor. So their use gives rise to the problem of asthma in children. Other substances that can give rise to this problem are- Carpet cleaner, nail polish and remover, dishwashing liquid, perfumes and hairsprays.

Second-hand smoke- The children of the parents who smoke are much more likely to suffer from this distress than the children of the parents who do not smoke. Smoke contains around 4,000 chemicals like ammonia, arsenic, cyanide and even carbon monoxide. Some chemicals that are found in a cigarette are also called carcinogens.

They are cancer causing agents. Mothers who smoke during gestation can have babies with constricted airways. This makes such kids more prone to the problem of asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Outdoor pollution and smoke- Outdoor airborne particles like sulphur and carbon dioxide also give rise to the problem of asthma. Such a polluted environment is basically found in industrial area and open garbage places. So, children playing near these places are at a higher risk of developing this problem.

Main Symptoms of Childhood Asthma

Chest tightness- One of the main symptoms of childhood asthma is chest tightness. Kids may complaint that when they are down with the problem of asthma then they feel pain and tightness in their chest.

Coughing- A common symptom of the distress of asthma is coughing. This problem can keep your child awake for the whole night. If your coughing symptom persists for more than 14 days then you need to get yourself checked as this might be a sign of a severe asthma.

Frequent colds- The children who suffer from asthma often have to struggle with other respiratory problems as well, like bronchitis. In this case, the parents may feel that their child has a weak immunity, but in reality they are suffering from the sickness of childhood asthma.

Pronounced ribs- Pronounced ribs are one of the main symptoms of the problem of asthma. This symptom occurs because when a child tries to breathe with a more effort in the distress of asthma, then he pushed the whole rib part.

Rapid or shallow breathing- Children who are suffering from the problem of asthma breathe more rapidly and they take more shallow breaths. This sort of breathing occurs because such asthmatic children are not able to take deep breaths.

Some children even face the symptoms of wheezing. But it is not that common in every young patient of asthma. However, it is more of a common symptom of adult asthma. So guys, these are the main causes and symptoms of the illness of childhood asthma. Do consider them to live with a healthier respiratory system.Take care!!
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Dec 2, 2011
Very useful info. Karthi. Many mothers will benefit from this article.


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May 28, 2011
hi Karthiga,

thank u for sharing this info.... its very usefulma.....


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Dear gkarti, you have shared such a vital and very much useful information for the young mother members of penmai. thank you.

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