Children Growing weaker as Computers replace Outdoor Activity!!!


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Sep 3, 2012
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Excessive computer sittings are making children grow weaker as computer replaces outdoor activity. Check the details here:

Gone are the days when children used to love doing outdoor playing. They used to take interest in making out a great time with their real friends and share and gain practical experiences of life. But, with the onset of the trend of computer-related games and other social media rage, these outdoor activities of children have suffered a huge down fall. Now, your child wants to spend a quality time on computers while playing with his video game CD or wanna spend more time on internet surfing. So, there is a need to evaluate the current situation on how it is gonna make your ward's life very down streaming. Thus, here is a review about the study that has proved this fact more properly. So, take a look right inside!!!

Study: Children Growing weaker as Computers replace Outdoor Activity[/FONT]

This study shows thatchildren are becoming weaker and less muscular. It says that these kids areunable to perform the tasks that the earlier generation used to find verysimple. Here, this new age is more prone to computer work, so they havedeveloped a declined immunity. They do fewer sit-ups or are able to hang out less fromthe walls of a gym. In this case, the first thing that happened is that theirarm strength has decreased as they have a low and weak grip to hold an objectmore firmly.

These findings were published in the Journal of Acta Paediatrica. It has led tosome fresh concern about the way children are fastly driving away from outdooratmosphere and works. This research was done by Dr. Gavin Sandercock who is achildren fitness expert at Essex University. He studied how strong a group of315 Essex 10 years old children in 2008 were different in comparison to 309children of the same age group of the same age. And they observed the followingresults:-

The numbers of sit ups done by the 10 year olds get declined by 27.1 percentbetween the years 1998 and 2008.

Arm strength of these kids fell by 26 percent and their grip strength gotreduced by 7 percent.

In 1998, one child from 20 was not able to pull his weight while hanging from awall. But, in 2008, one in 10 children can not bear his weight while hangingfrom a wall.

Thus, these results daunt down the fact that, it is in the low outdoor activitycharts of these kids that they have a very weak body structure now. So, makesure your child plays outside for at least an hour daily. Hence, take care anddo live healthy!!![/FONT]
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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Gkarti, I understand your point. but this is the compulsion of time that even LKG and UKG children should have access to computer now a days. what to do. If our go outside and play with neighbour's children they bring unwanted quarrels, mis-understanding and what not. Only parents like us to regulate their time spending with Lap top or desk top so that their other physical activities are not stopped. For that we have to spend some time with them to engage in physical activities. Atleast in the joint family system some body will be there to engage them. Nowadays we are in nuclear family system the children are deprived of lot of enjoyment, knowledge gaining etc., any way thanks for bringing this point to the knowledge of our penmai members


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Jan 14, 2012
You have presented gud article karti....Everyone must aware of tis....

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