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Commander's of Penmai
Aug 13, 2011

Aaron - (Heb., the exalted one)
Abel - (Heb., breath)
Abner - (Heb., father of light)
Abraham - (Heb., father of a multitude)
Adalbert - (Teut., nobly bright)
Adam - (Heb., the one made; human being; red earth)
Adelbert - (Var., of Adalbert)
Adrian - (Lat., dark)
Aidan - (Celt., fire)
Alan - (Celt., cheerful)
Alban - (Lat., white)
Albert - (Teut., illustrious)
Alex - (Short for Alexander)
Alexander - (Gr., helper of men)
Alfred - (Teut., good counselor)
Allan - (Var., of Alan)
Allen - (Var., of Alan)
Aloysius - (Lat., Louis)
Alphonse - (Teut., eager for battle)
Alvin - (Teut., beloved by all)
Ambrose - (Gr., immortal)
Amos - (Heb., brave)
Andrew - (Gr., manly)
Angeloa - (Lat., angel)
Angus - (Ir., one)
Anselm - (Teut., divine helmet)
Anthony - (Gr., priceless)
Antony - (Var., of Anthony)
Aquinas - (From St. Thomas Aquinas)
Archibald - (Germ., nobly bold)
Arnold - (Teut., eagle strong)
Arthur - (Celt., supreme ruler)
Athanasius - (Gr., immortal)
Aubrey - (Fr., ruler)
Augustine - (Dim., of Augustus)
Augustus - (Lat., majestic)
Austin - (Var., of Augustine)


Baldwin - (Teut., noble friend)
Barnabas - (Heb., son of consolation)
Barnaby - (Var., of Bernard)
Bartholomew - (Heb., son of Tolmai)
Basil - (Gr., royal)
Becket - (From St. Thomas à Becket)
Bede - (Old English, prayer)
Benedict - (Lat., blessed)
Benjamin - (Heb., favourite son)
Bennet - (Var., of Benedict)
Bennett - (Var., of Benedict)
Bernard - (Ger., bold as a bear)
Bertram - (Teut., shining raven)
Bertrand - (Var., of Bertram)
Bill - (Short for William)
Blaise - (Gr., babbler)
Blase - (Gr., babbler)
Bob - (Short for Robert)
Bonaventure - (Lat., good luck)
Boris - (Rus., fight)
Brendan - (Celt., sword)
Brian - (Celt., strong)
Bruce -(Var., of Brice)
Bruno - (brown)
Bryan -(Var., Brian)
Burton -(Teut., shining raven)
Byron -(Old Eng., bear)

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