Chromosomal Abnormalities causing miscarriage


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May 21, 2011
Studies show that 70% miscarriages in the first trimester of pregnancy are caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormalities are a random occurrence, but very common in women over 35. Chromosomal abnormalities occur due to various reasons out of which only 5% are genetic reasons. An abnormal sperm, abnormal egg or an improper fertilization can be a potent cause of chromosomal abnormalities. Certain environmental factors such as exposure to dangerous chemicals are another reason. There are two types of chromosomal abnormalities, which result in miscarriages.
Embryo Chromosomal Abnormalities

Majority of miscarriages are an outcome of unnaturalness of a number of chromosomes in the embryo. Sometimes, embryos have a pair of chromosomes that are either more than or less than 23 (actual no.) and are a cause of miscarriage. Due to chromosomal abnormalities, the embryo may not be able to develop properly and their survival in the womb ends. The The older a woman gets, the greater the chances of her miscarriage. Sadly, there is no treatment preventing the development of chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo. It is not necessary that all embryos with chromosomal unnaturalness will end up in miscarriage. Few can go on to take birth, but such babies are born with some birth defects. Types of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos:

  • Nullisomy: it occurs when an embryo is missing a pair of chromosome. Nullisomic embryos do not survive thereby, ending in miscarriages.
  • Monosomy: this occurs when one chromosome of foetus lacks its homolog. Monosomies do not survive and if at all they do survive, they have a number of birth defects such as down syndrome or do not live for longer than a few days or weeks.
  • Trisomy: occurs when one extra copy of a chromosome is present. Trisomies have few chances of survival. Most trisomies are born with down syndrome. They have distinct facial features, altered body shape and short stature.
  • Tetrasomy: it is a rare case and occurs when the total of four chromosome pairs are present.

In pregnancy through IVF process, chromosomal abnormalities can be identified using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. No matter what the reason is, a miscarriage is always painful and emotionally devastating.

Parental Chromosomal Abnormalities

There are rare chances of miscarriages due to parental chromosomal unnaturalness. In this, one of the parents has some abnormality in their chromosomes. Also known as translocation abnormality, the chromosome of any parent (say chromosome 15) changes or swaps its place with another chromosome (say chromosome 23). Such parents can have a completely normal baby, a baby born with same chromosomal pattern or a foetus with chromosomal abnormalities resulting in miscarriage.

Nothing can be done to prevent chromosomal abnormalities in your embryos, but to alleviate the chances of miscarriage due to chromosomal unnaturalness. take proper nutrition. Consult your doctor to increase the consumption of folic acid, which is helpful in preventing chromosomal abnormalities.

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Jan 21, 2014

I had miscarriage twice because of fetus abnormalities..Doctors saying they do not find a specific reason..yet to take karotyping..very much worried of results..plez share youe experience aftre miscarriage anyone have healthy child
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Dec 2, 2011

I had miscarriage twice because of fetus abnormalities..Doctors saying they do not find a specific reason..yet to take karotyping..very much worried of results..plez share youe experience aftre miscarriage anyone have healthy child

Please don't worry Mathu......Very soon You will deliver a beautiful child....

I have heard that, in Mumbai, recently, a lady was given Blood Transfusion from her husband himself, for some mismatch in the blood, due to which, she had successive miscarriages.....

After this transfusion, she immediately got pregnant and safely delivered twins.

So, you may also, consult the doctor about this.....though I do not know the actual cause of your problem.

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