Climax-free sex could spice up your love life


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Climax-free sex could spice up your love life

A new sexual practice called karezza is gaining popularity as a new way to enhance relationships and revive sex lives.

It involves having regular intercourse without it ending in orgasm.

While the trend is new, its roots are in ancient times, borrowing from Taoist and Tantric principles, said Marnia Robinson, a karezza devotee and author of Cupid's Poisoned Arrow (Random House), in which she writes about climax-free sex.

"In simplest terms, karezza is affectionate, sensual intercourse without the goal of climax," the Daily Telegraph quoted Robinson as saying.

Removing the goal of orgasm puts the focus on sex as a sensual experience and puts couples in the moment, so they are thinking about giving and receiving pleasure, not just aiming to get to the end, explained body+soul sexologist Dr Gabrielle Morrissey.

"Research shows that when it comes to sex, people value the connection with a partner more than the physical release. Karezza, and practices like it, can shift that focus to the connection instead of couples constantly chasing the orgasm," Dr Morrisse added.

Robinson noted that karezza has been found to keep the romance alive between couples when the honeymoon period or new relationship high inevitably dissipates after a few years.

"Couples practising karezza tend to make love more frequently than they did with conventional sex, which is a very positive outcome in my view," she said.

Robinson asserted that the responses she has received from couples who have tried karezza have reinforced her belief that this sexual practice enhances health and happiness.

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