Clothes ‘reveals more about personality than intended’


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Clothes ‘reveals more about personality than intended’

What women wear can give a powerful insight into who they are too, a new study has revealed.

Jennifer Baumgartner, a Clinical psychologist has claimed one’s wardrobe decisions tell others about the secret desires they are trying to hide.

Too much cleavage suggests one is power hungry and keen for control while over-the-top jewellery implies that an individual is insecure and may have financial difficulties.

“Your clothes reveal what is really going on internally. Your thoughts and feelings are laid bare in the closet – you just have to look for them,” the Daily Mail quoted Baumgartner as saying.

In her book, the 34-year-old, who is also a wardrobe consultant, described the errors women typically make when buying clothes.

Many fall into the trap of only buying designer labels, wearing office clothes all the time or simply buying too much.

Another typical problem is getting stuck in a style rut, defined as having not changed your look for the past five years.

Cleavage-exposing clothes, such as those favoured by actress Christina Hendricks, are about feeling powerful and in control and – perhaps unsurprisingly – “knowing people will be looking at you”.

Women who button up their clothes are actually telling their boss that “femininity means weakness, not power”, while high heels can make women appear less intelligent but also inspire confidence by making the wearer as tall as their male colleagues.

Additionally, if you often find yourself in jeans and trainers with unkempt hair, beware.

Far from enjoying some downtime, you may be “overly identifying with motherhood and suppressing other parts of yourself, possibly out of guilt or exhaustion”.
A young girl choosing a short skirt could be an attention seeker, while an older woman doing the same is having difficulty accepting that she is a grown-up.

“All of our behaviours, from the food we eat to the men we date, are motivated by internal factors. Why is it any different with the clothes we buy and the way we buy them? All you need to do is track your shopping habits, or note the styles in your wardrobe to identify the patterns.

“It is then that you can make real change, and find a wardrobe to match the new and improved you,” Baumgartner added.
Jun 1, 2012
United STate
That is true that clothes reveal our personality that what we are. If you are wearing such dress which is suit on your body then it will create more personality. For example if thin person wear body fit clothes then it will look very nice compare to wear loose clothes.

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