Colon Cancer (Intestinal Cancer) Symptoms and Prevention Tips!!


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Sep 3, 2012

Colon cancer
affects large intestine that forms the lower part of the digestive tract. In the United States alone, thousands of people are diagnosed every year with this disease. Its also called Colo-rectal Cancer; and occurs due to poor lifestyle habits, increasing age and genetic inheritance.

It makes a person feel the need to have frequent bowel movements. Changes in these movements are the signs of intestinal cancer. It includes narrow stools and Constipation, motion sicknesses, nausea and vomiting.

Main Symptoms of Colon Cancer / Intestinal Cancer

Pain- The symptom of abdominal pain or cramping may occur during Colon Cancer.Its accompanied with bloating and gas problems. A severe pain may occur during bowel movements.

Bleeding- The sight of blood in the stools gives the signal of colon cancer disease. This blood may look very bright and dark in its appearance.

Abnormal stools- Abnormal stools confirm the disease of intestinal cancer. They become loose and narrow.

Weight loss- This symptom happens because the body is not able to absorb nutrients. An abnormal appetite loss occurs along with the problems of nausea, diarrhea and constipation.

Fatigue- As the body is unable to digest the ingested food, so there occurs a lack of energy. It gives rise to body fatigue.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Colon Cancer (Intestinal Cancer)

Variety of foods- A balanced diet provides all kinds of vitamins and nutrients in your body. Mainly, fiber-rich foods help prevent colon cancer. You can get it from green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach and lettuce (preferably, organic ones or grown in your own vegetable garden). Fruits and whole grains also help in this case.

Moderate alcohol- Alcohol irritates the lining of the large intestine. So, take it in moderation or avoid it, as much as possible.

Quit smoking- Nicotine makes the walls of the intestine to contract causing various diseases. So, quit the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Exercise- A 30-minute workout everyday helps to ward off this cancerous problem. If you are inactive from a long time, then slowly build your stamina.

Maintain healthy weight- Obese people are more likely to catch intestinal worries. So, keep a check on your rising weight and work to lose it.

Colon cancer affects the large intestines raising the symptoms of pain, abnormal stools, bleeding stools, weight loss and fatigue. You can treat it by making important lifestyle changes, like drinking alcohol in moderation and quitting the habit of smoking.

Most importantly, go for raw food choices (organic or homegrown). However, if you are suffering from this cancer then the guidance of a good medical expert is highly suggested.
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Jul 26, 2012
Really wonderful information you have given Karthiga. One of colleague is already suffering from this type of cancer, heavy doses of chemo therapy is going on in Appolo Hospital Chennai. Oh it is very difficult to explain. the way in which the person has become so shapeless I would like to pray the God the almighty that even our enemies should not get this disease.

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