Colours that will rule in 2012


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Jul 5, 2011
Colours that will rule in 2012

The coming is year is going to move towards brightness, glamour and elegance, say designers.

If the world is truly going to end in 2012, we'd all better go out in style. Designers agree, bright colours are what we should be wearing to the Armageddon party. Here's the rest of the forecast:

According to designer Drashta Sarvaiya, bright colours, especially neons will come into their own next year. These will be combined with softer colours such as greys and nudes. Even designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed pegs neons to be the bigger winner along with brighter colours. "People are experimenting with colours more," says designer Nachiket Barve, "and we will see unusual combinations such as brick red with turquoise."

Men's fashion will also get on the colour-blocking band wagon and take it to another level by blocking prints and colours on shirts. It will also take a sporty turn with colourful jackets in PVC and patent leather-like finishes. Here are the pieces you could invest in:

a. The dress will continue to be the definitive piece so buy a subtle one in a sophisticated colour such as grey or deep burgundy, says Nachiket, and make sure it is a nice fabric such as silk or chiffon which will travel well. The key is to make sure it has nice details such as puckering, pin-tucks, etc. but can be reinvented with each wear by changing accessories, or jackets.

b. Get a neon green, yellow or pink blouse or bodysuit which you can put together with floor length skirts in soft silhouettes, as Drashta suggests.

c. Jumpsuits, according to Narendra, will give way to short, sporty playsuits. Get one in grey or copper sequins which you can even wear at night.

d. Coloured jeans are going to be big for men, according to Narendra, so get yourself a pair in pink, red or bright blue. Statement necklaces in different lengths, materials and colours remain the accessory of choice due to their democratic nature - you don't have to be a certain body type or age to wear them.

The face of 2012
Kajal and kohl will never leave the Indian eyes, according to ace makeup artist Clint Fernandes. However, the new trend is moving towards lips. Red and magenta will slowly turn towards more matte reds and browns on the lips at the end of the year, according to him. Hair is becoming more comfortable, but more elegant at the same time. Sidesweeps, messy up-dos will go with the overall glamour of the year. "Bed-head is definitely out," he says.
Jan 16, 2012
colors never change in any year or any season.
if you notice only detailing get changes every season.

mixed shades are going to be the fashion in autumn 2012. spring 'as usual starts with bright' and end in dull at the time of winter,
this year, kids will have more designs than any other category (men's, ladies)

there is gonna be an evolution in ladies western, most of the people will prefer western rather than ethnic (except occasionals)


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