Commander's of Penmai - THE JOURNEY OF MALS


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In just 9 days I have come from 466 posts to 1020 posts to my credit, during this journey of 9 days I got myself elevated to two posts
Citizen's of Penmai and now
Commander's of Penmai
I also have 541 LIKES to my account in the past 9 days, where the 9th day is yet to wind up
I love cooking, photography, writing short stories (horror, humour and romance is my genre), arts and crafts, music and movies where I have my filmy masalas which is full of juicy gossips of Bollywood, song lyrics, movie reviews of more than 6 languages, general news, social causes and my chartiable work.

I contribute generously in these forums and most of them do not have a single feedback.

It does not matter as what is on the net is read by million other viewers and it never goes unnoticed.

I want to thank PENMAI for giving all of this platform to express our views and showcase our talents

My journey would have never been completed without the support of Jayanthy, Sumathisrini, Sumitra, Mary Daisy, GKarti who have been regulars in all my posts. I am aware most of them are moderators and it is their job to go through posts to moderate them, yet , they have taken time to post at least LIKE taking time of their busy task.

Thank you all butterflies without you the journey would have been very boring here.

THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN. My journey to another destination begins..