Common lies that women tell


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Dec 13, 2011
Women often lie in order to not hurt or save a situation in their relationships with men. We bring you some of the common lies they tell...
Women many a times feel that if they want to avoid confrontations or arguments they should lie so that things don't get out of proportion. The most popular lies they often indulge in are:
1. I was not waiting for your call.
2. I really like you but I don't know when the transition to love will happen.
3. If I wanted to sleep with anyone right now, it would only be you.
4. I think we should share the bill. You don't have to always treat me.
5. I have truly never realized that I would like this so much.
6. Sex is great fun.
7. It's all right even if the guy is bald and not good-looking, at least he is rich. Will be able to live a secure life.
8. I don't want to get possessive and I will never nag you.
9. You are the only one I ever wanted.
10. If I don't go out with him, he will find someone else.
11. No, nothing wrong with you, I think I am wrong somewhere!
12. I get along best with my in-laws, after all they are family.
13. Yes, if you want to be friends, I don't mind I was also thinking of the same thing. Why complicate things?

Common lies that women tell - The Times of India
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Oct 13, 2011
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Lie:"You’re right". >> Every argument you have, usually ends up with your girl telling you that you are right. This is the ultimate big lie. It’s because she perhaps just wants you to stop trying to prove yourself to be right, in crude terms, “to shut up and get overit”. Interesting but true.

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