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Mar 20, 2010

All Of Creation, Whether Seen Or Unseen, From The Macroscopic To The Microscopic And Beyond, When Traced To Its Origin Is The Result Of Consciousness

All of creation, those things which can be seen and experienced in the physical world as well as the unseen or meta-physical aspects of creation all find their origin as the result of Consciousness.
In order to grasp and fully comprehend the crucial nature of consciousness as it relates to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and to establish the level of self awareness necessary to become a purposeful, intentional and conscious creator of the events, conditions and circumstances which make up the moment by moment events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life, an understanding of this all important creative force is absolutely essential.
The articles contained within this section will explain in detail, yet provide a simple to grasp concept regarding the importance of becoming and remaining consciously aware of your individual consciousness (your thoughts) which serves as the source or cause of the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up EVERY area of your life as well as the little understood aspects of consciousness which serve as the driving force behind all of creation.
Through discovering these "seemingly" individual and separate aspects of consciousness, it will become quite evident that all that exists, from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond all inevitably lead to and are the result of "One True Source" referred to as the Super-Conscious Mind.
The Conscious Mind

The conscious or objective aspect of mind which is finite in nature is the aspect of mind connected to the physical or finite world.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious aspect of mind, which is "infinite" in nature is the subjective aspect of mind who's primary purpose is for the storage of data, the preservation and restoration of health and serves as the communication device or the "connecting link" with the Super-Conscious mind also referred to as God, Universal Intelligence, "The Infinite Field Of Potential" or as science has labeled he/she/it "The Unified Field."

The Collective Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness is made up of the "perceived" individual consciousnesses of the planets population which serve collectively to form a "Matrix" or appearance of reality from a physical perspective.

The Super-Conscious Mind

The Super consciousness or Super-Conscious mind is the One Mind, The All which makes up the whole of each individualized consciousness, each of which exists as an integral part of this "One True Mind" differentiated only by individual ego and free will.
The Super-Conscious mind is the omniscient, omnipresent, all knowing and ever present Source which serves as and determines how EVERY event, condition and circumstance, both the physical as well as the meta-physical into infinity unfolds.

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