Consider These Before Going To A Sperm Donor


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Jul 5, 2011
Consider These Before Going To A Sperm Donor

Sperm donation is becoming a rage in the country. It is not because of the impact Bollywood flick, Vicky Donor has had on us. But, it is because of the rise in infertility cases. Apart from reproductive problems, lack of intimacy and late marriage are few reasons behind the rise of sperm donation.

Sperm donation is a method where you donate sperm to infertile couples who cannot conceive. Healthy sperm is used with the help of the doctors to help a woman get pregnant. Sperm banks save the donated sperm they get from donors. When a couple goes to take donated sperm, they can browse the health and history records of the donors to select for themselves.

There are cases where donated sperm has been unhealthy for the mother or foetus. Infected or damaged sperm affects the health of the woman and baby. If you are going for a sperm donor, keep these points in mind.

Consult your doctor: Before going to a sperm donation centre, consult your gynaecologist. If you have failed to conceive after trying for months or years, do not take a decision before consulting a gynaecologist. Unless the doctor says that your partner has low sperm count or is suffering from some disease, do not come to a conclusion.

Choose the right sperm bank: Sperm donation is becoming the next big solution for married couples who cannot conceive. But, do not get carried away by watching advertisements. An authorized and hygienic sperm bank ensures good quality sperm. Make sure that the fertilization is done by certified professionals. Sperm banks that are certified are safe for the couples!

Check records of the donor: This is one of the most important points to keep in mind before you go to a sperm donor. Check the records of the sperm donor. Sperm banks have full details of the donor; dating back 3-7 generations from both the mother and father's side. A good sperm bank will also scan the donor's body to check that he is not suffering from any diseases especially sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is an important step that has to be taken up by a sperm bank to ensure the good health of the mother and child.

Rh compatibility: Most of you might not be aware of this point. Blood groups have a huge role to play in pregnancy. The Rh or rhesus factor that we have in your blood is actually an antigen (a type of protein). When a negative blood group of a person comes in contact with the Rh factor, the body's immunity system treats it like a foreign body and starts producing antibodies against it just to fight it. This leads to miscarriage. So, check the blood group of the sperm donor beforehand.

Sperm donation is nothing dangerous till you are dealing with it correctly. You can conceive with the sperm of a donor that is tested and certified in a good sperm bank.
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