Cooking and feeding tips for kids!

deepa bala

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Aug 7, 2011
Feeding and Cooking Tips

Right feeding and cooking measures should be followed by mothers to provide right nutrition to kids. Read on to find wonderful cooking and feeding tips in order to provide healthy food and nutrition to kids.

Feeding Tips

Washing hands before and after meals should be encouraged.

Children who do not eat enough at a time should be offered food every 2-3 hours. However, do not force your child to eat.

Encourage the child to eat with a spoon or with his own fingers.

Cooking Tips

Use less of sugar, salt and refined flour (maida or all-purpose flour) preparations.

Unpolished rice or par-boiled rice is better than polished rice.

Do not overcook vegetables, they lose their nutritive value.

Do not cook fruits since the essential vitamin C is lost.

The skin of many vegetables is rich in vitamins and minerals, so offer fresh fruits to the child with their skins.

Wherever possible, use jaggery instead of sugar, since it is very high in iron.

Avoid adding too much spice.

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