Coping with labour pain


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Every pregnant woman has a fear in her mind that she will not be able to cope with labour pain. Most women are concerned about labour pain because they don't know what to expect. Labour is a natural process, and understanding what causes labour pain and what you can do to minimize it will help you feel relieved and confident to cope with the situation when it's time to give birth.

Causes of Labour Pain and How to Deal with it

If you are aware what causes labour pain then it will be easy for you to cope with it. There are two basic factors for labour pain
1. Physical
2. Emotional.

Physical Factors
Your muscles are hard at work during labour and you might experience strain and fatigue in your legs, arms, and back from the various positions and straining. Your uterine muscles make powerful contractions in order to dilate the cervix, and that causes cramping. The position of the baby also causes pain. Medical tests and interventions can be uncomfortable, too. But that you will have to bear because these tests and procedures are necessary. Talk to your doctor about these tests and you will feel less stress and anxiety, and this can actually help minimize the perceived discomfort of tests and procedures.

To relieve these types of pain, try relaxation techniques, by breathing in and out, massaging, medication etc. Breathing properly will help ensure that your muscles get the oxygen they need to work most efficiently.

Emotional Factors
There are certain emotional factors like fear, anxiety, exhaustion, dehydration, hunger, ignorance, lack of confidence etc that actually increase your labour pain.

It is very important that you educate yourself about pregnancy and labour. Learn about the process of labour to clear up any confusion about what exactly is going on inside your body. Talk to your mother or mother-in-law or any person who've had positive birth experiences, and/or a professional therapist to help you develop a healthy emotional state for labouring. Having the support of a trusted person with whom you have good communication during labour is key to minimizing feelings of helplessness or fear of the unknown. Get as much sleep as possible and take it easy in the final weeks before your due date. Extra rest will give you more stamina for labour and prepare yourself for all the stress and strain.

Natural Relief for Labour Pain

  • When you start experiencing the labour pain first and foremost don't panic. Breathe at a relaxed, controlled pace. Ask for a massage or hug from your husband or relative near you who is your labour partner.
  • Try to concentrate and focus on something positive. Think of anything that will take your mind off the pain like your favourite activity, what you will name the baby or your baby or read, listen to music, watch TV etc.
  • Change position frequently, rock in a chair, and walk.
  • Empty your bladder regularly.
  • Try some light massage. Apply heat or cold pads to areas of pain (check with your doctor first).

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