cost of pap smear test in chennai


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Jul 26, 2012
whats the exact cost of pap smear test in chennai. which hospital is best to do the pap smear test.
Dear Ranchitam, I read following article in The Hindu some years ago regarding pap smear test.

A smear test would assure a woman that she has not contracted the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which causes cervical cancer, said gynaecologist Shanthi Santhanakrishnan.
Delivering a lecture on ‘Understanding Cervical Cancer,' organised by Hamsa Trust, Dr. Shanthi, who is with the National Health Services in the United Kingdom, said every woman should undergo the Pap smear test at least once in her lifetime.
HPV is sexually transmitted and results in infection. Women should go for a screening for cervical cancer three years after becoming sexually active, she said. While almost 90 per cent of infections clear on their own within two years, it is estimated that seven to eight women out of 10 can be at risk for HPV.
Poor hygiene and multiple partners are risk factors for the infection. Smear tests help detect precancerous stage and prevent cancer but cannot detect cervical cancer, she explained.

Now let us come to your question about the cost of the test in Chennai and which hospital is the best to do this test.

The doctor whom you are in consultation is the best person to tell about the best hospital for this test. MIOT Hospital, Mount Poonamalle Road, Manapakkam, Chennai may be one among the best hospitals for this kind of tests. Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai also can be considered. If you are able to go to Vellore, Christian Medical college Hospital (CMC Vellore) is also can be visited. The charges are nominal. Vijaya Group of Hospitals in Vada palani Chennai also can be considered. Please consult your doctor and she will suggest the best place for this test. I don't know about the cost in Chennai. all the best. thank you.


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