Couples should dress up in harmony


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Jul 5, 2011
Couples should dress up in harmony

Keep your differences in the closet. Always dress to complement your partner

When you go out as a couple, does it look like you are going to different events? One of you is casual chic, while the other is ethnic extravaganza? Personal style is subjective, but it is respectful to your partner and your host to dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are placed at the beginnings of a new relationship, dressing to complement him or her will win you points for sensitivity. If you are living together and still go out in ratty jeans while the other is in silk, be prepared to be accused of not making an effort. Here's how to dress to complement each other and not end up like these stars.

- First things first:

Check the invite! What does the dress code say? Stick to it! The hosts obviously cared enough to send out an invite and coin a theme. By not being a sport (in case of theme parties) you're saying you're too cool for their party. That's just rude.

- If it's an occasion such as a puja, engagement or religious occasion, wear something ethnic. Ask you partner what (s)he is going to wear. If you can't be bothered to do the sari-shringaar routine, settle for a crisp kurta-churidaar. In this case, the men can get away with a kurta-pajama, or shirt and trousers look.

- The key is to match your levels of casualness and dressiness. If you are going to wear a three-piece suit or bandhgala, your partner should match you with a sari or gown.

- Keep in mind the time of the event. Brunch and lunch calls for pastel colours and cool linen, cottons and mul. For women, it is a time for dresses, calf-length skirts, or colourful maxis. Shoes should be open toed and wedges or platforms or flats. Beige, white or stone linen flat-fronts and chinos are appropriate for men. Shoes can be sandals or loafers. Shirts should be left untucked. This would be the appropriate time to bring out the straw hat and linen blazers in camel.

- If you are going out on a date, it would be wise to know beforehand where it is going to take place. You don't want to dress for dinner at the new French restaurant and sit in a movie theatre. If it is dinner, dress according to its culinary grade - a dress or skirt with heels for women; jeans plus tee shirt or opencollared shirt and dark coloured jacket for men.

- If hanging out with friends at home, you both can be as casual as you like.

- If you are in the beginning of a relationship and don't discuss clothes, carry a jacket - whether you're a man or a woman. A dark one in blue, gray or black for the night, and a beige, camel or another light colour for the day. Build your outfit such that it works with and without it. Put the jacket on to dress up; take it off to dress down.
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