Courtship Period in Arranged Marriage


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Courtship Period in Arranged Marriage

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

A marriage is a pious and pure alliance between two individuals that has to be taken care and cherished for a lifetime. Deciding to get married deserves much consideration, because it is a commitment for a lifetime. In case of arranged marriage the partners are chosen by their respective parents, elderly people and community leaders. Therefore, both individuals are generally unaware of each other’s personalities.

Since in arranged marriage the two individuals begin as strangers, it is very important that they spend some time and get to know each other before committing to the relationship. This is traditionally known as courtship period and is an extremely crucial time for a couple, especially in cases of arranged marriage, because it allows the couple to understand each other before committing to the relationship. The courtship period is the first step towards building a strong and a successful relationship.

This article helps us to understand the importance of courtship period in arranged marriage.

  • Understanding:
A relationship is a two way street. The courtship period allows the couple to gain insight about each other’s personalities, interests and goals in life. It also helps them to assess their compatibility level with each other. Taking time to genuinely appreciate and understand the other person is important to building a successful relationship.

  • Tips in making the decision:
Decision shapes the destiny. Once the partners understand each other’s personalities, likes and dislikes, it becomes easy for both the individuals to make the decision regarding whether to get married and spend the rest of their lives with each other. Be sure to take enough time, and consider all the issues of marriage before making your decision.

  • Communicating Romance:
Courtship period is the best way to communicate your feelings for each other. The emotions that run during this period prove to create the most memorable times of one’s life. Romantic moments experienced during the courtship period can make the heart race and heighten feelings, making you more emotionally attached to each other.

  • Feeling of Security:
The time spent with each other before marriage helps to develop a strong bond between two individuals. During courtship, both partners try to put their best foot forward in understanding each other. The feelings developed gradually during this period make the woman feel secure with the man she is ready to spend her entire life with and the man knows that he will have someone lovingly waiting for him when he comes home.

  • Significance of Commitment:
Marriage does not only mean gazing in each other’s eyes but it also means partners looking in the same direction. Both of the individuals exchange their feelings and emotions with each other during the courtship period, and the attachment developed during this period goes long way. This time spent together makes one realize that commitment means facing the challenges of life together.

Courtship period in arranged marriage can be best described as a journey where two individuals meet as strangers to become friends and move forward by deciding to be with each other for the rest of their lives.
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