create a healthy environment for your baby and your dog


Minister's of Penmai
May 21, 2011
Here are some helpful tips to help create a safer and happier environment for you, your baby and your precious dog:
  • Identify habits of your dog that may be a problem when the new baby arrives, and begin re-training now.
  • Begin training your dog on the idea of a new baby in the house. Practice routines that you will be doing later so that all the changes do not happen at once for your dog. Sometimes using a doll at the table or sitting in a seat can work.
  • Start training your dog on the difference between his toys and the baby's toys.
  • Believe it or not, your dog may get jealous of the attention directed at your new baby. Make sure you remember to pay some special attention to your dog, too. Include your dog in some of the play with the baby.
  • Always monitor your child when he/she is around a dog.
  • Never leave a dog alone with a child.
  • Don't allow children to play where there is animal feces and make sure they wash hands and toys that are played with where feces could have been.
  • Make sure your dog is treated with parasite prevention and take your dog into a vet if they show any signs of being sick and possibly infected with a parasite.
  • Talk with your vet about helpful ways to introduce your dog and new baby.

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