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Feb 24, 2015
hi friends,

i am married for 3 years. we are living as a joint family which includes me, my daughter, my hubby, mil, fil and bil. this problem was there from the beginning. whatever i do, my mil takes that credit to her. at the beginning, i didn't take this to my heart. but now a days, she is doing the same for all major things that happening in our home. really its unbearable whenever she takes the credit for the work i done.should i adjust with her behavior? what should i do? i am really being hurted when everyone appreciate and congratulate her for the work i done. i am not able to say to everyone in home that i did that work. pls any suggestions for my situation.
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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Kriya.

Funny but at the same time feel sad to note the childish behaviour of your MIL.

May be, few people may be like this.

We can never change them.

But to tackle this, you may do the following.

For 1 or 2 years from now, you please do not suggest any new thing or do any innovative works at home.

Even if your MIL asks about it, just smile and move away. Do not answer anything harshly.

At the same time, by now, you may be aware, as what your MIL is capable of doing, if she has never done any art work or stitching or painting or any craft works, and if you are good at them, you can concentrate on creating these new things.

Any wall hangings, door hangings etc.

You can stitch your own blouse, chudidhar, dresses for your daughter...any craft work on your daughter's dresses, any new hair style for your daughter or anything like these.

All your relatives and others may be aware that she is not capable of doing these things and hence, these could be done only by you.

Now, you could be satisfied with your own works and could get all the credits for them from others.

Similarly, when you visit any of the relatives of your husband's side or when they visit your house during the absence of your MIL, you can cook as you like....greet them with delicious dishes of your own.

You can go to these relatives house(close) and voluntarily opt to cook any special dish as as surprise.

With this, the relatives would come to understand of the taste even when they taste it later, in the presence of your MIL.

Never tell them voluntarily, that you are only preparing them at home and the credit is taken by your MIL.

But if they ask for it, you may tell humbly, that they were your own preparation.

Thus most of the near and dear will come to know the truth.

In future, your daughter might herself reveal the truth to others. But please, you do not grumble this to her when she is very young.

Later in her teenage, you can tell this attitude of your MIL.

All the best.


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Jun 25, 2014
hi kriya

ithukaka kavalai padatheenga. nama seiyarathuku thevaiyana adaiyalam kidaikkumnu than ellarume ethir parppom. thevaiyana recognition kidaikkama athu mathavangaluku pona innum varutham than.

ini ithupola unga mil credit eduthukama irukka, inimel neenga ethavathu senja, athai unga veetla irukkaravangaluku theriyum padi seiyunga. atleast to your hubby. ok, ithai neenga than panreenga. ungaloda part athula irukkunnu mathavanga therinchukka vainga.

neenga ethaiyum olichu maraichu seiya porathu illaye. ethavathu suggestion solreengala athai mil kita muthala sollatheenga. ellarum irukkum pothu sollunga. unga mil unga kitta thaniya ethavathu kettangannu yoshichu solrenu sollunga.

appuram marupadiyum yaravathu intha visayathai pathi pesum pothu ungaloda suggestion opena sollunga. mudincha varaikkum mukkiyamana visayangal seiyum potho illa mudivedikkum potho, ellar munnayum seiyunga. problem solved. yarukum poi neenga nan than ithai panninenu sollave vendam. avangaluke athu therinchidum.

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