cunning sister in law

Mar 3, 2015
hi i need guidance for handling my cunning sil. she got married last year. she is living with us now as she is pregnant. she is very very cunning person. after few months of her marriage, she and her husband came separatedly from their in-laws. she was the reason for all problems that happened in her family. from the beginning i don't my sil as she is very cunning. before her marriage, she want my husband to fight with me always. if my husband scold me for anything she will be happy. i don't know the reason for this.

now also she is doing the same. she makes my husband to argue with me. complains me to my mil. she says to my mil that i will separate my husband from the family. what to do with her. i am very silent as she is pregnant. during her pregnancy time also she is not having good thoughts.


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Sep 2, 2014
How long are you married?

I think she is possessive and she still wants her to be the central person of undivided attention from all the family members. She is jealous that you might be sharing the attention. She is immatured. These days few girls are like that and it is the parents fault. Every parent should prepare themselves, as well as their sons and daughters, emotionally, before any of them is getting married.

Just think of her as a small child adamantly trying to get the attention of her parents. Dont give any importance to her behaviour and dont get into any judgement about her. If you build negative thoughts about her, you are just empowering her and you will struggle and suffer more. As she is pregnant, she might be emotionally week. Treat her like she is your distant cousin, if you are comfortable, and try to engage her with conversation about baby's development. I'm sure she will be interested in such talks. Also dont complain about her to your husband and try to keep a distance from him, in front of her.

It is easier to advice, but it is harder to resist from reacting when someone ill-treats you. But thats the reality and dont take anything personally. Just be patient, once she becomes a mother, the mother instinct would kick in and she would more focus on her family.

Hope for the best and do your best!!
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