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Jun 29, 2015
i have a friend who used me a lot and dont have any kindness. i cam e to know that she talked about me bad behind me, but in front of me she is very normal and sweet talker. i was now left her without saying reason. she is almost confused. she used many privelages from me both financial and moral support but at last she talked very bad about me.

i am very much anger in her and her activities, i cant forget the throgam she done to me. though my mind thoguht to curse her, i think that i am wrong and changing my mind, but still old memories induce me to curse.. how to forget this?


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Dec 2, 2011

Sad to note the attitude of your friend.

But this is quite common among people. It happens among friends, relatives, neighbors and everyone.

Yes....initially it will be very difficult to forget this attitude of your friend.

But little by little, when you immerse yourself in other activities, it will be possible to ignore or forget the happenings.

But please remember that the person through whom you heard about the backbiting of your friend, may also be lying to you. That person may not like your closeness to this friend.

This might also happen.

So, you should get confirmed about this.

Now, you need not be a close friend to her as before.

Keep a distance always.

If possible, you may change the department so that you may not need to meet her. (if she is your office friend). Or you may shift to the other branch if possible.

Just smile at her , say a hello and then move away.

One thing I would suggest is, whenever you help anybody , in any method, say monetarily or physically or mentally, you should forget about the help you had given them. Let them be anybody.

You should never expect anything from them in return of your help. Be it the respect or any other help or any other kindness or greatfulness.

Help anybody and everybody and just forget.

True friends , relatives and others with humanity will surely have greatness for you. all the others will not have and you should never grumble over this.

This is how you should move in this world today.

It suits to everyone.

Hereafter you need not be very very close to anybody, if this incident hurts you. Just be a friend. Help everyone in their necessity. You will feel satisfied that you have helped somebody. and get contented with this.

Do not curse anybody. One day or the other , they themselves will surely realize.
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Nov 22, 2015
It is good that you stop your friendship if this person is abusing you. However, I think it is better to explain and say everything that you feel so that you can feel better yourself and maybe help this person realize his or her mistake. You might want to help her be a better person so that this person does not do the same to other people in the future.

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