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Nov 28, 2011
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Soak a tsp of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water (overnight). Drain the water in the morning & make a fine paste of the seeds. Use it over your affected scalp & allow it to stay for almost 30 minutes. Now use hot water to clean it thoroughly.
• You can also use fresh Aloe Vera gel over your scalp. Let it stay for almost 30-40 minutes & then wash it thoroughly.
• Take 4-5 tbsp of wheat germ oil (hot) & massage it thoroughly over your scalp. Now use a warm towel to wrap your head & let it stay for almost 30-40 minutes. Now use water to wash it well.
• One of the options to get rid of dandruff is tea tree oil. It has anti-fungal properties, which helps to remove the dandruff. Add a few drops of tea tree oil into your hair oil & massage it well over your affected scalp.
• Take the coconut oil & heat it gently. Now massage it over your scalp. Allow it to stay overnight & wash your hair well in the morning. You can do this thrice in a week to get the best result.
• Prepare a mixture with 3 parts of water along with 2 parts of cider vinegar. After applying shampoo & rinsing it well, use the mixture for the ultimate wash.
• After washing your water take a mug of water & pour a tsp of lime juice into it. Now use the mixture for the ultimate wash for your hair.
• Instead of coconut oil you can also use the olive oil to massage your hair & let it stay overnight. Wash your hair thoroughly in the morning.
• Beat a ½ cup of yoghurt well & then apply it well over your scalp. Let it stay for almost 30 minutes & then use hot water to wash it well.
• Make a mixture of amla juice as well as lime juice (same quantity). Use it over your scalp & let it stay overnight. In the morning wash your hair thoroughly.
• Prepare a mixture of fresh lime juice (1 lime), ground black pepper (10 grams) & milk (1/4 cup). Mix it well & gently massage it on your scalp. Keep it for almost 60 minutes & then wash it thoroughly with water.


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Aug 10, 2011
சிங்கார சென்னை
Nice info Priya, thanks for sharing.

அதே போல வேப்பில்லையை அரைத்து தலையில் தடவி 30 நிமிடம் கழித்து அலசினால் பொடுகு தொல்லை இருக்காது
Feb 19, 2012
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