Dangers Of Liposuction


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Jul 5, 2011
Liposuction is a plastic surgery that removes the excess of fat. Despite several positive aspects, making a liposuction can have several risks. Here its a list of several risks that one may encounter by doing this surgery. This list can help you consider whether or not to do liposuction. It is necessary to have the notion that liposuction requires general anesthesia and inserting a tube into the area where you want to remove the excess of fat. Liposuction can become dangerous if not done by a specialist and under appropriate conditions. Always put your health above anything else, if you have any doubts talk with your doctor.

Dangers of Liposuction

* Skin Irregularities - When you make a liposuction it is withdrawal a lot of fat that was underneath the skin. When making a liposuction one runs the risk of skin becomes uneven.

* Interior Infections - Often the fluids that are introduced into the area where you will remove the fat cause interior infections. These fluids are intended to loosen the fat cells for easy removal. They also serve to numb the area to be suctioned.

* Hemorrhage - To make liposuction is necessary to make a small incision in the area where you insert the tube (catheter). If the person has no ability to stop blood may occur a hemorrhage.

* Scarring of the skin - Also due to the incision made at the place where the excess fat will be extracted the skin may be scarred.

* Tendency to become obese againThe person continues with a predisposition to become obese if they do not change their dietary habits and physical activity practice. You may stop worrying about your image because you think it is easy to correct errors with a simple liposuction. So when doing a liposuction you run the risk of becoming overweight.

* Risk to Internal Organs - During surgery a tube is inserted (catheter) in the area where the fat is removed. If a problem occurs or if the surgeon is inexperienced the tube may injure internal organs.

When doing a liposuction a person is vulnerable to several risks, which although not occurring often one must be aware of them before making a liposuction. Before deciding whether to do a liposuction you should measure the pros and cons of the surgery. Still advise that you seek a specialist in the field to make any questions you may have. This article does not intend to scare people about this surgery just want to warn the real dangers of this surgery.

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