daugher behaving wrongly with inlaws

Jun 23, 2015
i have only one daughter. we married her to a good guy, after a year my husband died and now living alone, sometimes goes to her house and stay. now she has 2 year old daughter.

she is always fighting with her husband and inlaws both with mother in law and sister in law. i advised her a lot but she is not at all listening and arguing with me.

her sister in law is jealousy but her mother in law is very good character. i apoplogized for her activities. how to change her. i

i afraid whether she will broke this life with her husband due to this character. she is very harsh temper character, i seen her from her childhood. she fights with all our relative kids i advised a lot but she is not listening.

any help friends, how to make her happy living in her in laws house with good name for her.


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Aug 4, 2014
Hai @sophyik To answer your question, yes it is common. Just talk it over with her. But not much to argue. if she listens just let her know how you feel about her life..and dont say all the negatives of her. No one ever wants to admit it.Politely explain her the value of family.


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @sophyik

Sad to note the attitude of your daughter.

First talk to her calmly about her views about her husband and in-laws.

Ask her about all the activities of her husband and in-laws.

From these, you may note down the good activities of them and then pinpoint the same to her.

You may tell her that many other daughter-in-laws in the society suffer a lot with their husband and in-laws and that she is a gifted and blessed person to have such an understanding husband and in-laws.

Ask her not to have much talks with her SIL for time being.

Tell her that if she is always smiling and handling everyone with a smiling face, the whole family will be happy and she would be praised always even to other neighbours and relatives (both your side and her husband's side).

Otherwise, if she is seen always with a grumbling attitude, this is going to keep the whole family under stress all the time and no one will be happy. Only she will become responsible for both happiness and unhappiness in the family.

Moreover, her small daughter will surely notice these attitude of her mother and will act in the same way right from now. She will also become another replica of your daughter.

If it happens, she will be the only person to be blamed mainly by her husband.

Also tell her, this attitude may create problems in her family and due to this no one else, neighbors, relatives, friends are going to have any kind of respect towards her.

Suggest her that if she is not able to control her temper, she can drink a glass of water whenever she gets angry over anyone and then keep quiet atleast for sometime.

This silence would surely reduce the anger and after 1 hour, she would feel herself that the anger was meaningless .

If she wants to shed her anger, she can write everything on a paper, whatever she feels. After few hours , if she reads that paper, she herself would feel that it was very silly.

She can keep quiet for sometime immediate when she gets the anger, and then go to the bathroom and start scolding whatever she wants, in front of a mirror. This will surely ease her anger and will also have a satisfaction that the anger is thrown out.

This is the best way to show out the anger, when any Daughter in law happens to get angry with her in-laws.

If she finds any valid fault with her husband's activity, then she need not shout immediately but tell him softly after 10 minutes. This will make him understand.

Also tell her that the soft words spoken will make miracle with all the people than the same when it is handled with anger.

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